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General Election 2019 Briefing
Oppose Independent Parallel Approaches
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Heathrow airport is already the single largest emitter of carbon in the UK and a third runway would contribute an additional 6 million tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere every year.
Heathrow want to bring in an extra 25,000 flights every year - or another 68 each day - before they even have permission to build a 3rd runway!
Impacts of Expansion
  • Expansion will increase flight numbers to 756,000 flights, an increase of over 280,000 flights each year.

  • Destruction of 756 homes.

  • 3,000 homes rendered unliveable.

  • Destruction of Harmondsworth Primary School.

  • Diversions of the M25, A4 and A3044 including changes to junctions, roundabouts and new link roads.

  • 2 new massive car parks for 24,000 and 22,000 cars and new mutil-storey car park near T4 – increasing total number of parking spaces by over 3,000.

  • 2.2 million peopled impacted by increases in aircraft noise

  • 324,000 people impacted by aircraft noise for the first time.

  • Significant negative effects are predicted on the Wraysbury River, River Colne, Longford River and Duke of Northumberland’s River - all will be diverted.

  • Loss of multiple habitats in Colne Valley Regional Park, Staines Moor Site of Special Scientific Interest and a number of Local Wildlife Sites.

Coalition Response Guide
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Impact Summary
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Key Facts
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Statement on Land Referencing Questionnaire

700 More Group
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To register your interest please email info@stopheathrowexpansion.co.uk

Leader of Sutton Council, Cllr Ruth Dombey explans why they've joined the Coalition