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Heathrow expansion's impact to airports around the UK

The Government has adopted the recommendations of its Climate Change Committee (CCC) on carbon targets and, as the Queen’s Speech confirmed on 11th May, these are to be enshrined into law. 


The Government committed to reducing carbon emissions by 78% (against 1990 levels) in advance of 2035; but it is demanding that, for the very first time, aviation emissions are included within targets for reductions. 

As the CCC stated, this means that there is no room for a net expansion of UK aviation; and that, were there to be an expansion of aviation at Heathrow, this would need to be offset by restrictions at regional airports (whether through reductions in operations or closures). 

Please see coverage of our letters to a large number of titles across the UK, below.


Heathrow Supreme Court Judgment 

In December 2020, the Supreme Court overturned the judgment of the Court of Appeal that the plan for Heathrow expansion was unlawful for having failed to take account of the Paris Agreement on climate change. Heathrow can now seek planning permission for the runway.

The full judgment can be found here and press summary here.

However, major obstacles remain including having to persuade a public inquiry of the case for expansion.

We've set out some of potential next steps in this document.

Join us!


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Sign the Petition Opposing Expansion
Heathrow airport is already the single largest emitter of carbon in the UK and a third runway would contribute an additional 6 million tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere every year.
Survey Results
Life Under a flight path during lockown
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Leader of Sutton Council, Cllr Ruth Dombey explans why they've joined the Coalition
General Election 2019 Briefing
No 3rd Runway General Election 2019 briefing
Oppose Independent Parallel Approaches
Heathrow want to bring in an extra 25,000 flights every year - or another 68 each day - before they even have permission to build a 3rd runway!
Coalition Response Guide
Impacts of Expansion
  • Expansion will increase flight numbers to 756,000 flights, an increase of over 280,000 flights each year.

  • Destruction of 756 homes.

  • 3,000 homes rendered unliveable.

  • Destruction of Harmondsworth Primary School.

  • Diversions of the M25, A4 and A3044 including changes to junctions, roundabouts and new link roads.

  • 2 new massive car parks for 24,000 and 22,000 cars and new mutil-storey car park near T4 – increasing total number of parking spaces by over 3,000.

  • 2.2 million peopled impacted by increases in aircraft noise

  • 324,000 people impacted by aircraft noise for the first time.

  • Significant negative effects are predicted on the Wraysbury River, River Colne, Longford River and Duke of Northumberland’s River - all will be diverted.

  • Loss of multiple habitats in Colne Valley Regional Park, Staines Moor Site of Special Scientific Interest and a number of Local Wildlife Sites.

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Impact Summary
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Key Facts
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